Madrid, Spain

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“Where is Kobi?” isn’t just about three boys singing and making music, it is much bigger than that, having one main goal with their music: to bring out the Kobi in everyone. That is, to bring out the Positivity, Good Vibes and Love we all have inside ourselves, especially for those who need Kobi the most. Kobi doesn't exclude anybody and is welcoming to every single person, as Kobi is inside all of us. 

That´s what their music portrays: all around upbeat vibes, with easy-to-sing-along melodies for everyone to join in and be part of this journey in the Pursuit of their Kobi. Every song has a part for the listener to get involved in and lose themselves in that particular moment and melody. Kobi is not a place to escape to, it’s a place to live in.

No matter who you are, what you believe in, what you do, Kobi is inside of you, join us on our journey to discover your Kobi!



Kobi Is Born:

“Where is Kobi?” started without any of the bandmates actually knowing about it. They met each other through a Music Talent Show (Namo Academy) involving another 17 contestants. The Talent Show worked as an academy for the participants to learn and improve their skills and make connections with other musicians. 

None of the three bandmates had it easy entering the academy, since Jonathan had actually signed up after the due date and was almost not allowed to participate in the auditions; Javi had doubts about attending the auditions as he wasn’t keen on entering any kind of talent show, and was convinced last minute by one of his friends; and Loren found out about the competition on the last day of registration for the auditions. 

After passing the first stages and officially being selected for the Academy, they started bonding throughout the many activities that were offered to them, but where they knew they had something special going on between them was on one of the weekends away organized by Namo, in a house in the middle of the countryside, were all the participants received varied singing and songwriting lessons.

Right after the activities on the first night, while everybody went to bed, Jonathan, Javi, and Loren had planned to stay up and jam to their favorite covers from their major influences. While Javi was tuning the guitar, he played a ‘D’ chord and sang the sentence: “Inside your head”. Once he changed to the ‘G’ chord, he was ready to move to something else, until Jonathan started singing: “Waking Up, Waking Up”. It somehow felt right, but the cherry on top was when Loren started adding to the song with his electric guitar. They all looked at each other, knowing there was something going on, and wrote songs until 5 am that night. They spent the rest of the weekend writing songs for other participants of the academy, and for themselves- 

At this moment in time, they thought nothing of what had happened, since Loren and Jonathan were in bands themselves, and Javi had always seen himself as a solo artist, looking back now this was a clear precedent for the future of Kobi.

A couple months went past, until July, where the three of them were invited to a friend’s house for two weeks with the sole purpose of writing and producing songs, at this point they had still considered themselves independent artists but after writing songs like: “Feeling of the Night”, “Sunshine”, “Love Wasn’t Made For Us’ and more, they decided to form together officially as a band, giving birth to “Where Is Kobi?”. 



Kobi Goes Travelling: London

Urging to be able to play all these new songs to people and wanting to know if the songs would have as good of a feedback as it had with themselves, they decided to travel to London and busk there in front of a genuine crowd, to see if people would have the positive reaction they thought they would have. 

Not only did this trip confirm that they had something really special going on between them, it helped them grow as artists, individually and as a band, proving not only to themselves but to others that they had an incredible band chemistry and furthermore increasing that connection between them. London marked a before and an after in the career of “Where Is Kobi?” consolidating the group and being a real proving ground for them. 

others that they had an incredible band chemistry and furthermore increasing that connection between them. London marked a before and an after in the career of “Where Is Kobi?” consolidating the group and being a real proving ground for them. 



Kobi International:

"Where Is Kobi?” is a very international band, as its bandmates have very diverse upbringing and background, having lived in many different countries and having a mix of different nationalities in their blood. 

  • Jonathan, Lead Vocals and Keyboard, was born in the South of Spain, to a Welsh Mother and an English Father. Music has always been present in his life, his dad and grandfather were both musicians and briefly played drums when he was younger. He rediscovered his passion for music in his twenties, learning how to play the guitar and piano. His main influences are Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Queen...

  • Javi, Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, was born in Luxembourg, to a Spanish Father and a Colombian Mother, but has lived most of his life on the move, in such places as Costa Rica, Dublin, Miami and Madrid. He learnt how to play guitar from a young age , but developed a true passion for music when he joined the school choir in his Miami times. His main influences are Ed Sheeran, Tracy Champan, Jason Mraz...

  • Loren, Lead Electric Guitar and Back-Up Vocals, born in Madrid, Spain. He learnt how to play guitar on a typical Spanish Style Guitar, but fell in love with the playing style of John Mayer, switching over to electric guitar as soon as possible. His main influences are John Mayer, Eric Clapton…



Kobi Makes Music:

In January of 2019, the bandmates decided it was time to record their first song, they didn’t want to do it the typical way and decided that all funding for the recording of the song would be from contributions that people would make, so they took to the streets and underground of Madrid to spread their music and good vibes around. The reaction from the crowds were amazing, and by the beginning of February, they went in to the recording studios to record their debut single “Waking Up”. The official release date for the single is the 05.04.19.

Notable Perfomances:

  • In September of 2018, after returning from their trip to London, they were offered to be the opening act for one of the most emblematic groups in Spain, “Cómplices”, they performed in Toledo.

  •  Summer of 2019, they are expecting to announce big news in April of 2019 on becoming official opening act for a one of the top bands in Spain. More info soon…